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What should you do when your Abilene home alarm system goes off?

July 03, 2023
Home security alarm notification on smartphone.

Your home security system protects your property – and your family members – against the multitude of risks you might face, like theft, fire, and flooding. Even though your home may be ready, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are. Do you understand what to do if your Abilene home alarm system goes off? The sound of an alarm is often shocking, disorienting, and might incite panic. Your best choice is to stay calm and follow these straightforward guidelines.

Steps to Take When Your Home Alarm System In Abilene Sounds

You never want to be in this dilemma, but it’s also the reason why you put in a home alarm system originally. You’re awakened in the middle of the night with the telltale sounding of an alarm after a home security component has been tripped. What is your next move?

  1. Don’t panic. This is easy to say but harder to do when your home security alarm is blaring, and your heart is racing. But keeping a cool head is the most effective way to appraise what is happening. Avoid the urge of trying to handle the emergency on your own and allow your monitoring professionals and first responders to carry out their job.
  2. Attend to your family. Your priority should be your loved ones and leading them to safety. In the case of a burglary, this might include going to a designated safe zone as far from points of entry as possible. The trespasser was in all likelihood already frightened away by the alarm, but it’s always smart to take extra precaution. If there’s smoke or a fire, you need to leave your residence right away.
  3. Grab your smartphone. The vast majority of people keep their phones with them constantly these days, but you may forget to pick it up during an urgent situation. You’ll want to have it. You’ll have the opportunity to stay in touch with your monitoring experts and get alerts through your home security app.

Collaborate With Your Round-the-clock Monitoring Agents

The moment your home alarm system in Abilene goes off, your 24-hour monitoring specialists will spring to action. Their first step is to verify your alarm, and that includes getting in contact with you. The guideline they abide by is based on the type of emergency. For instance, if the emergency is due to a medical situation, one attempt will be made to reach you before first responders are dispatched. If you have a burglary alarm - the most common type of alarm - a monitoring specialist will abide by these guidelines to reach out to you:

  • An effort will be made to reach you via the touchscreen interface. You will typically be asked for a passcode.
  • If that effort doesn’t get a response, a call is attempted to your main contact number.
  • A secondary number or your primary contact person is called next.
  • If there is still no answer, local police are deployed.
  • Your monitoring agents will try to reach you again once authorities are contacted.

If you're not in a situation where you can interact with monitoring staff, that’s OK. Help will still be deployed even when you're not able to substantiate the emergency.

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