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How To Optimize Your Abilene Home Office With Home Automation

The commute to the office hasn’t happened for quite some time, and it’s apparent that you're a pro at this remote work reality. You no longer need to use the the coffee table in the living room and have a designated area configured as your home office. Now you're ready to step up the tech and automate your Abilene home office. Devices like smart lights and smart thermostats will make your area more efficient, more secure, and more conducive for work.

The fundamental question that needs answering is: What items should you think about integrating, and how can you optimize your Abilene home office with home automation?

Create an ideal setting for your video conferences with smart light bulbs

One of the nicest benefits of ditching the office is that you don’t have to deal with rows of fluorescent lights. Illumination from a soft light or window can lift your spirits, reduce eye strain, and upgrade the general feel of the room. However, some light bulbs can also wreak havoc on Zoom meetings or on your computer’s screen. Of course, you can keep standing up, stepping over to the wall switch, and flipping on and off your lights. But that may become an annoyance as you are faced with this chore repeatedly during your work hours.

When you install a smart light, you can better control your lights without leaving your chair. Just pull up the smart lights on your mobile app and dim them until you have the ideal level of light. You can even preset your smart lighting to flip off at the time of your choice, signifying that you need to step away from the computer screen.

Smart thermostats let you easily adjust the temperature

As well as dimming your lighting with your smartphone app, you will also be able to manage your comfort levels. As you get a little overheated over the course of your day, are you walking to another room to change the thermostat? Or do you remain at your desk and start feeling sleepy because it's stuffy within the house? And computers generate heat -- most notably when you are working with a laptop sitting across your knees.

A smart thermostat lets you to quickly and easily adjust settings so you can find the ideal temperature. This convenient access is beneficial on pleasant days, as the sun fills your home and causes hot spots in your work area. But when you have variable weather days, you might see that you're remotely controlling the thermostat multiple times during your day!

Automate your home office in Abilene with the help of a smart speaker

Even though smart lights and smart thermostats may be the best way to automate your Abilene home office, you are able to bring together a large assortment of smart devices. As an illustration, a video doorbell lets you know when packages have arrived without going to the front door. Smart locking systems can secure your sensitive information. You could even use a smart plug that gives you control over household devices, like your coffee machine or copier.

When you want to connect your smart components together, you may choose an easy-to-use command center that comes as part of your Vivint system, or you have the choice of adding a more complex mix of skills within your Amazon or Google device. Either way, you can use your smart speaker to control your connected smart items with your voice. For example, say "Alexa, dim lights to 40 percent" to remove glare. Or say, "Alexa, join my meeting," and instantly transform your work space with the ideal light, comfort levels, and volume for those fun video conferences.

Automate your home office with Vivint

The best way to bring a new level of automation to your home office is to use a complete smart home and security package. Contact us today, and a Vivint expert will walk you through your advanced security and automation possibilities. Then we will tailor the most suitable setup for your home.

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